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What Our Customers Are Saying . . .

Stoller Fundraiser is something our Wadsworth Cheerleading program looks forward to every year and this year was no different. The "Online Only"  fundraiser was the best turn out our program has had yet, and the easiest/stress free experience. Our program has been doing this fundraiser for over 10 years. The organization was amazing, the set up was painless, the online ordering was perfect for posting to social media and minimizing face to face contact, and the delivery was simple! Nancy was so helpful, and even went above and beyond by helping with delivery and staying later than expected to do so. We are so lucky to have found such an amazing company to raise profits for our program and the community just LOVES when it is the time of year that we sell Stoller products!

Wadsworth HS & MS Cheerleading, Wadsworth, Ohio

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My experience with selling Butter Braid Pastries has been nothing short of amazing! My sales rep, Andy, is the best! He, since the very first fundraiser we ran approximately 5 years ago, has never been more than a phone call away. Anything I needed to get my sale up and running or to make an order right (even if it was MY fault!) Andy did it. I can't tell you how many times he made extra trips, or changed his personal plans to help our fundraiser here at Moon Middle School be a success. 

You can't have a successful fundraiser without a great product. The Butter Braid Pastries are truly a fan favorite at our school! The highlight of Open House night is the "Butter Braid" Sampler table! There was a line out the door this year of parents wanting to get a taste of these great pastries. Every year our sales (and subsequently profits) have gotten bigger. We easily clear $10,000 to 15,000 of profit each fundraiser we do!

If you are on the fence about selling Butter Braid pastries, don't be. You won't be disappointed and neither will anyone who buys a Butter Braid!

M. Kirchner, Assistant Principal, Moon Area Middle School    

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Nancy was a gem to work with! My kids absolutely loved her personality and how "real" she was with them about the way they should approach customers. She brought each one of my 94 kids a sample, which sealed the deal for many of them. After tasting the Butter Braids, they were hooked and wanted very badly to sell to other people. She presented in a manner which treated them as adults but gave them wonderful suggestions about proper etiquette when approaching people for a fundraiser and very real scenarios to avoid. Her personality, of course, speaks for itself! She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and made sure to follow up regularly to see if there was anything that I or any of our kids needed help with. I have worked with many fundraising companies and people over the past 20 years. Nancy is by far one of the best reps I have ever worked with. What an amazing and wonderful woman to have run our highly successful sale! 

Howland Middle School Band, Warren, Ohio

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Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your help with our Butter Braid sale! You guys are phenomenal, the kids are happy and so am I. I really appreciate how easy you make it for the students to defray costs and me not to tear my hair out at the same time! smiley

Have a Great Day!

Koneake Lawrence

Northwood Middle School

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Stoller have been part of our 8th grade fundraising since we began our Washington DC trips at our school over 10 years ago. Each year the fundraising gets bigger and helps our students more! In fact, we have so much demand for the butter braids that we now do a spring event to get the current 7th graders get a head start for their trip. Family members and neighbors wait eagerly for the delicious treats to be delivered. They always take impeccable care of us and ensure that every detail, from sampling to delivery, are executed perfectly. St. Paul School and Stoller have forged a terrific partnership with the help of the entire staff.

St. Paul D.C. Trip, Westerville, Ohio

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

As a twelve-year plus customer of Butter Braid Pastry fundraising with Stoller's, I couldn't be more pleased! The high quality of the product and Stoller's personal service takes the dread out of fundraising. Our students are always excited when Nancy (better known as the Butter Braid Pastry lady) brings samples for our kickoff!

Orrville Middle School Band and Choir

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Our experiences with Stoller Fundraising and Ben Stoller have been second to no other organization. The amount of money we make with minimal work, makes this an adviser's dream. Ben is continually working to find better ways to put less stress on the organization. We look forward to this fundraiser every year and intend to continue this fundraiser annually for many years to come.

Sports Medicine Instructor, Pioneer Career & Technology Center, Shelby, OH

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“Great product to sell, easy ordering, Company is very workable and delivery is always prompt.  I would recommend Stoller to anyone!”

Garaway Freshman Class (customer for the past 18 years)