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What Our Customers Are Saying . . .

Our experiences with Stoller Fundraising and Ben Stoller have been second to no other organization. The amount of money we make with minimal work, makes this an adviser's dream. Ben is continually working to find better ways to put less stress on the organization. We look forward to this fundraiser every year and intend to continue this fundraiser annually for many years to come.

Sports Medicine Instructor, Pioneer Career & Technology Center, Shelby, OH

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Nancy was a gem to work with! My kids absolutely loved her personality and how "real" she was with them about the way they should approach customers. She brought each one of my 94 kids a sample, which sealed the deal for many of them. After tasting the Butter Braids, they were hooked and wanted very badly to sell to other people. She presented in a manner which treated them as adults but gave them wonderful suggestions about proper etiquette when approaching people for a fundraiser and very real scenarios to avoid. Her personality, of course, speaks for itself! She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and made sure to follow up regularly to see if there was anything that I or any of our kids needed help with. I have worked with many fundraising companies and people over the past 20 years. Nancy is by far one of the best reps I have ever worked with. What an amazing and wonderful woman to have run our highly successful sale! 

Howland Middle School Band, Warren, Ohio

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I have had the pleasure of working with Drew for almost 5 years now.  He is on top of everything!  From reminders to set up the fundraiser, to counting, delivery and assurance that everything is correct!  Last year, he even devoted his Saturday time to insure that every product was not only delivered, but by distributed by customer, and stuck around as the products were being picked up to be sure that every Tyler Run customer was satisfied!  Huge help!

Tyler Run Elementary, Powell, Ohio

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Stoller have been part of our 8th grade fundraising since we began our Washington DC trips at our school six years ago. Each year the fundraising gets bigger and helps our students more! In fact, we have so much demand for the butter braids that we now do a spring event to get the current 7th graders get a head start for their trip. Family members and neighbors wait eagerly for the delicious treats to be delivered. They always takes impeccable care of us and ensures that every detail, from sampling to delivery, are executed perfectly. St. Paul School and Stoller have forged a terrific partnership with the help of the entire staff.

St. Paul D.C. Trip, Westerville, Ohio

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As fundraising coordinator for Capitol City Gymnastics Boosters, I've worked with many different companies and sales representatives over the years.  We continue to repeat the Stoller Fundraising program several times each year, not only because of the high quality and unique products, but also because of the excellent relationship we have with Stoller.  Their customer service and communication always exceeds our expectations, and they make the process easy and seamless on our end.  We look forward to many more successful Butter Braids fundraisers, thanks in large part to their hard work and support.

Capitol City Gymnastics Boosters in Groveport, Ohio

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“I’ve worked with Stoller Fundraising for three years and I just signed up for a fourth year!  The kids love them because their food is delicious and reasonably priced; I love them because the staff is hard working, friendly, and patient.  I get a ton of offers to work with fundraising companies, but the only one who gets my business is Stoller.”

Mayfield High School Senior Class Advisor

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“I am the National Honor Society Advisor at Canton McKinley Senior High School.  Two years ago our organization and patrons grew tired of traditional sales of wrapping paper, magazines and candy.  Nancy dropped off a sample for me one morning and after tasting the Cream Cheese Butter Braid Pastry, my decision was made!  We have been happily selling Butter Braid Pastries ever since! Stoller’s customer service is superb! The family owned company is friendly, organized and the products sell themselves!  I love Nancy Bauman, I love all of the products, and I love the Stoller Fundraising group! I would recommend them to any organization!”

NHS advisor at Canton McKinley Senior High School

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“Great product to sell, easy ordering, Company is very workable and delivery is always prompt.  I would recommend Stoller to anyone!”

Garaway Freshman Class (customer for the past 10 years)