Butter Braid® Frozen Pastries


Looking for something new for your fundraiser? We have it - BUTTER BRAID® frozen pastries!  They are unique, delicious, and fundraiser exclusive!


Product Details:


Size: 22oz Butter Braid® pastries, 23oz caramel and cinnamon rolls


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Nutritional and Baking Information


What is a Butter Braid® pastry?

  • Quality product that is fundraising exclusive... can't get them in stores!

  • 22 oz. of hand braided frozen pastry dough

  • Customers come begging for more

  • Come in seven different flavors plus our famous caramel and cinnamon rolls

  • Quick, simple, no-hassle fundraiser

  • Best of all, you earn a high % profit on each item!

  • Frozen product allows you to bake fresh when you want it!





Whether it's a family get-together, a celebration among friends, or just the weekend at home with the kids, make the occasion a memorable one with the great taste of a delicious, fresh-baked​ Butter Braid® pastry! 


Available in the following flavors:

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The All-American taste of sweet apple makes this a classic favorite!
Blueberry Cream Cheese
A perfect mix of juicy blueberry filling and rich, smooth cream cheese make this a much sought after treat.
Strawberry Cream Cheese
You’ll love this mouthwatering blend of sweet strawberry and rich cream cheese.
The smooth cinnamon flavor will melt in your mouth as you experience America’s most popular flavor choice.
Mouthwatering cherry filling encased in layers of tender, flaky buttery dough. A cherry lover's dream!
This one is a proven winner with the right amount of sweetness and tart you’d expect from a raspberry.
Four Cheese & Herb
A custom blend of four cheeses and herbs create a rich, one-of-a-kind flavor. Includes a chunky marinara sauce packet perfect for dipping!
Caramel Rolls
A longtime favorite — now made larger! Rich, gooey caramel glaze drenches every delicious bite. You’ll find it really hard to eat just one!
Cinnamon Rolls
Just like Grandma used to make! Layers of buttery dough complement a brown sugar and cinnamon filling. Top the rolls off with our famous cream cheese icing and you have the start of a new tradition!