Joyful Traditions

Apple Dumplings

Offer your customers delicious desserts from Joyful Traditions. These desserts are made from scratch and are great for holidays and special occasions! The products are frozen so you can use when it’s convenient for you. Thaw the cake rolls and they are ready to serve! Bake the Apple Dumplings with the delicious sauce and enjoy. Plus, the Butter Braid® frozen pastries are a high-quality product sold only through fundraising. Customers will come begging for more.


Product Details:

Profit: up to $6.00 

  • Butter Braid® frozen pastries

  • Caramel Rolls

  • Apple Dumplings

  • Pumpkin Cake Rolls

  • Chocolate Créme Cake Rolls

  • Lemon Créme Cake Rolls


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Baking and Nutritional Information

Apple Dumplings
Homemade quality you can be proud to serve. A whole apple wrapped in tender, flaky crust, topped with a delicious sweet cinnamon sauce.
Pumpkin Cake Roll
A favorite for holidays or an anytime treat. A pumpkin pinwheel swirled with made-from-scratch cream cheese and topped with confectioner’s sugar.
Chocolate Creme Cake Roll
This moist, decadent cake roll is beautifully balanced, rich and chocolatey cake rolled in a sweet whipped creme filling, sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Lemon Creme Cake Roll
A light and refreshing lemon cake complimented with a sweet and fluffy creme filling. An indulgent treat sure to tickle your taste buds!
The All-American taste of sweet apple makes this a classic favorite!
Blueberry Cream Cheese
A perfect mix of juicy blueberry filling and rich, smooth cream cheese make this a much sought after treat.
Strawberry Cream Cheese
You’ll love this mouthwatering blend of sweet strawberry and rich cream cheese.
The smooth cinnamon flavor will melt in your mouth as you experience America’s most popular flavor choice.
Cream Cheese
This flavor is definitely a favorite of many, offering a rich, creamy taste you won’t find anywhere else.
This one is a proven winner with the right amount of sweetness and tart you’d expect from a raspberry.
Four Cheese & Herb
A custom blend of four cheeses and herbs create a rich, one-of-a-kind flavor. Includes a chunky marinara sauce packet perfect for dipping!
Caramel Rolls
A longtime favorite — now made larger! Rich, gooey caramel glaze drenches every delicious bite. You’ll fi nd it really hard to eat just one!