Prize Programs

We offer excellent incentive programs to motivate your participants.

The program you choose is in addition to the 40% profit earned on products sold and is funded by Stoller!

Choose one of these incentives for your group:

Cash-Back Incentive

  • Have your own ideas for prizes? Bring them to us and use our Cash Back to help pay for it.

  • Must be invoiced $2,000 or more to receive 3% Cash Back

  • Click the picture to see ideas for a custom prize program! We can help you create a program!


Free Product

  • Are you a group with mostly adults and looking for a way to give back to them?

  • This program is also great for child care and preschool groups as parents typically do the selling!

  • Individual sells 15 or more items and will receive ONE FREE Butter Braid pastry or Pumpkin, Chocolate Creme, or Lemon cake roll (they choose free item and depends on brochure selling from).

Multi-Level Prize Program (NEW multi-level prizes coming August 2019!) 

  • Looking for lower level prizes to increase participation and help your group earn more money?

  • We provide 12 accumulative levels of prizes for elementary ages selling between 2 and 125 items. 

  • Option for middle/high school ages with 7 accumulative prize levels for selling between 8 and 125 items. 

  • Included in program is a quick start level to jump start the selling!

  • Click on images below to see our prize sheets!

FREE Kalahari Water Park Day Pass  

  • Looking for a way to motivate participants of any age with a unique incentive? 

  • For selling 25 items, participants will get a Kalahari Pass with the option to purchase more tickets at a reduced rate!

  • This is a great opportunity for families to purchase tickets to use as a vacation or short get a way!

  • Kalahari tickets are also included in the multi-level prize programs mentioned above, but can be used as a stand alone program if you do not want the prizes at other levels.