Our Services

*NEW* Online Ordering

  • Convenient for family and friends!

  • Products ordered online will be delivered with your paper orders.

  • Sellers are responsible for distributing items to their customers. Stoller Fundraising does not ship to each customer. 

  • Privacy provided to protect students/sellers! 

  • Your online store can easily be shared via email, text message, and social media platforms. 

Hassle-Free Ordering

  • No Minimums

  • No Whole Case Orders Required

Free Tallying Service

  • Summary and Profit Reports

  • Individual Student Sales and Profit Report

  • If your group does not qualify for our free tally service, we provide a link for easy self tally and submission! 

  • Ask your rep if you qualify for our free tally service! 

Parent/Information Flyer

  • Informative letter provided for parents and participants that includes the information needed to have a successful fundraiser.

Free Delivery On Orders with 250+ Items

  • Products will be delivered to your desired location.

  • Delivery fee will be up to $75 for less than 250 items.

Free Pre-Packing On Orders with 300+ Items

  • Orders will come boxed and ready to be distributed to the seller.

  • Only a quick check and sign off that all products are included in their box before taking home.

Referral Incentive Program

  • For each referral that we receive from our existing customers, a $25.00 bonus check or a 6 pack of Butter Braid pastries will be given to the customer (if the referral does a fundraiser with us).

For more information or samples for a group meeting, please contact us at 800-939-0322

*Prices, products, and incentives are subject to change without notice.