Latitude 40 Snacks

Sure to bring a smile to your face!


We are excited to tell you all about the new product we have launched at Stoller Fundraising:  Latitude 40 Snacks: Granola Bites!


> Latitude 40 Snacks are only available through fundraisers!

> These granola bites are made with oats and bound together with molasses, and the flax seed adds great texture and some additional nutritional benefits!

> It's the perfect Grab-and-Go Snack! Also great for lunches, workout fuel, and part of a healthy breakfast!

> With 6 delicious flavors and ingredient lists that read like items in your kitchen, our granola bites deliver great-tasting, guilt-free snacking!

> When you combine great taste with healthy ingredients, you have a recipe for easy sales and a successful fundraiser!


Three Ways to Offer the Latitude 40 Snacks:

1. Direct Ship Program

  • No Work! No Contact!
  • Online ordering and payment plus cost of shipping
  • Product ship to each customer's door


2. Brochure Program

  • Brochures provided for ordering
  • Online and paper ordering available
  • All Orders will be delivered to the designated location


3. Grab-N-Go Program

  • Sell the bags of Granola Bites provided
  • Turn in the money collected
  • Earn a high profit!


For more details on our Latitude 40 Snacks Program, contact your sales coach or our office! We look forward to helping you reach your fundraising goals!


Nutritional Information


Size: 7.5 oz resealable bag

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