How to Use the Internet to Boost your Fundraising Sales!

In today's world, so many people are online to communicate with their family/friends, shop, pay bills, or just for entertainment. With this being said, the Internet can be a great tool to help advertise your fundraiser and increase sales and profit! Check out these ways to use the Internet to promote your sale! We got this information from

  • Use your website

    • Communicate your goals

    • Thank your sponsors

    • Showcase offerings

    • Recognize success

    • Honor goals being met

  • Use social media

    • Create awareness

    • Communicate the cause

    • Show your progress

    • Thank your customers

    • Include pictures...people love to see people, especially if they know them!  

  •  Use Email-Communicate with the parents (We have templates under our "download" tab!)

    • Beginning of the sale

    • Mid-way through sale

    • Delivery Reminder