Community Spotlight Posts

This past spring/early summer, we did something new on Facebook. We chose 3 programs from our community, and wrote a post or did a live interview with them. We absolutely LOVED the feedback, reaction, and participation we got from YOU! We posted about the Golden Giving Benefit, which raises money for the Apostolic Christian Nursing Home Auxillary. Also, we interviewed Mr. Ratica, the band director for Norwayne Local Schools, about how the community plays a role in the success of their program. Lastly, we interviewed Joyful Café about the new coffee shop they are opening in Wooster. We had so much fun spending some time learning about events and programs in our community, and hope you did too! We had you particiapte by commenting different things about your community, and had a drawing for Kalahari tickets! If you missed these posts, please visit our Facebook page!