2017 was a GREAT Year!

How was your 2017? Did you meet your goals? Did 2017 meet YOUR expectations? What could you have done better to make the year go smoother? Here at Stoller Fundraising, we are always reflecting on how we did in the past and learning how to grow from our accomplishments and mistakes. While reflecting on the year 2017, we noticed we met some goals and accomplished something great! We helped groups raise over 1 million dollars! That's right...$1.2 million in funds for trips, activities, uniforms,etc. 

If you needed funds for your group or organization in 2017 but didn't quite reach the goal, think about having Stoller help you in 2018. We have unique products that sell themselves, cool prize program as an extra incentive for the kids/participants, and a local sales rep who is ready and willing to help you each step of the way! For more information on our products, incentives, and tools we offer, check out our website or call 800-939-0322 to speak to your sales coach!

Have a great 2018!