Prize Programs

We offer excellent prize programs to motivate your participants.  

Choose one of these incentives for your group:

  1. Cash-back Incentive
    • Have your own ideas for prize? Bring them to us and use our Cash Back to help pay for it.
    • Invoice $2,000 or more and receive 3% Cash Back
  2. Free Product
    • Are you an adult group looking for a way to give back to your participants?
    • Individual sells 15 or more items will receive ONE FREE Butter Braid Pastry, box of Cookie Dough, Pumpkin Roll, or Red Cake Roll of their choice.
  3. Multi-Level Prize Program
    • Looking for small level prizes to help your group earn more?
    • Stoller Fundraising will provide prizes for individuals selling 2, 6, 10, 15, and 20 (Kalahari Water Park Pass) items. (see the sheet below for current season prizes. New prize program coming Fall 2017!)
  4. FREE Kalahari Water Park Day Pass  
    • Looking for a way to motivate older participants with great incentives? 
    • For selling 20 items your participants will get a Kalahari Pass with the option to purchase more tickets at a reduced rate! (see the sheet below. New program coming Fall 2017!)



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