Prize Programs

We offer excellent prize programs to motivate your participants.  

Choose one of these incentives for your group:

  1. Cash-back Incentive
    • Have your own ideas for prizes? Bring them to us and use our Cash Back to help pay for it.
    • Must be invoiced $2,000 or more to receive 3% Cash Back
  2. Free Product
    • Are you an adult group looking for a way to give back to your participants?
    • Individual sells 15 or more items and will receive ONE FREE Butter Braid Pastry or Pumpkin, Chocolate Creme, or Lemon cake roll (they choose free item).
  3. Multi-Level Prize Program
    • Looking for lower level prizes to increase participation and help your group earn more money?
    • We provide 12 accumulative levels of prizes for elementary age individuals selling between 2 and 125 items. 
    • Option for middle/high school ages with 7 accumulative prize levels for selling between 8 and 125 items. 
    • These prize programs will be offered/pictured beginning July/August 2018!
  4. FREE Kalahari Water Park Day Pass  
    • Looking for a way to motivate older participants with great incentives? 
    • For selling 25 items, your participants will get a Kalahari Pass with the option to purchase more tickets at a reduced rate!                       


The prize programs pictured are offered until July 2018. New prize brochures coming July/August 2018! If you have questions about any of the prize programs, please contact us!