About Us

Need a fundraiser to meet your goals? Let Stoller Fundraising be your guide to an easy, profitable, and unique fundraising experience!

The Stoller Fundraising company took root in 1997 in Creston, Ohio, and was started by Rob and Joanne Stoller. Rob, having worked in sales in another family business, realized customer service and premium products are the # 1 priorities! Over the past 20 years, we have grown our staff to 8 dedicated people who are eager to make your fundraising experience exceed your expectations and build solid partnerships that you deserve. With customer service and premium products our # 1 priorities, a successful fundraising campaign is made! Here at Stoller Fundraising, we strive to make your fundraising process:

Easy... Profitable.... Unique!!!




Left to Right

Back Row: Derek Fry, Drew Hanzie, Ben Stoller

Middle Row: Tricia Bauman, Sherina Hutton, Rob Stoller

Seated: Diana Raifsnider, Nancy Bauman